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about the book, Secrets to Success at Work:

Jeff Gero Ph.D., is a brilliant story teller and visionary. There is no more important book for today's ailing corporate and business marketplace because of his insightful NAMASTE program. There isn't a business leader or manager in the world that could not greatly benefit from his spirited ideas. Anyone who reads Secrets to Success at Work will never approach their work the same way again. Congratulations Jeff! Your book will eventually be seen as the vehicle that returned the workplace to be a satisfying place for teams of people to work together to become more productive than ever before."
– Bruce Starr, Radio and Television talk show host and producer

"Secrets to Success at Work: A Story About Transforming Individuals and Organizations is inspiring, informative, and spiritually uplifting. In this marvelous book, Gero places the wisdom of the ages, distilled through his experience consulting with business and individuals, in the context of a young man's journey to fulfill his life's mission. His life's mission also includes helping others fulfill their life's mission. Gero has a solid spiritual training background. He has spent many years studying and practicing in the yoga tradition and other wisdom traditions. Gero practices these principles in his own life and has shared them with many others. Reading this book is a spiritual experience in itself. It teaches the higher level success principles in a way that encourages the reader to think about how they might be applied in life and work. It makes the principles memorable, which is what is needed to successfully apply them. Secrets to Success at Work is a classic story and true to the tradition that it represents. The book features the N.A.M.A.S.T.E. program for business applications. It also includes helpful lists and surveys that can be used to assess current work and lifestyle status and to make changes in work relationships, stress, and level of success. This is a book that can truly transform lives and organizations."
– Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D., Professor of Psychology, Sonoma State University, California

"Dr. Gero's book is an odyssey of a journey that the corporate world has to take in order to make business more humanistic. Pay attention to his wisdom and adopt these practices at your work place."
– Barbara Dobrin, Ph.D., Executive Director, A Center for Creative Change

"As a CPA I have had the opportunity to work with both successful and not so successful businesses. I learned over time that the success of an organization was largely due to several key elements described in Jeff's book. Teamwork, commonality and spirituality existed between owners, managers and employees. Secrets to Success at Work provides a comprehensive program that can be used by any organization to achieve the ultimate goal of reducing stress, increasing harmony, well-being and unselfish spirituality."
– Jim Biller, CPA retired

"Everyday I use tools and techniques from this informative and inspiring story to stay calm and remember my spirituality. I highly recommend it for everyone."
– Steve Slavitt, Deputy District Attorney, Los Angeles County

"Dr. Gero provides us with a fictional story that inspires us to bring spirituality into the workplace. After reading his book, I find myself using the example of his character, A.J., as an example of what is possible in the workplace." – D.S. Melnick, MD, MPH

"With Secrets to Success at Work, Dr. Gero has provided a compelling and illustrative tale of how basic spiritual values can revitalize the workplace. For too long, people have been asked to leave behind a vital aspect of themselves when they come to work: their spiritual connection to their Source and to each other. In doing so, they leave out one of the most potent components of full engagement, and both they and their organizations lose the benefit of having that whole-person's ability and commitment. Programs like NAMASTE ensure that organizations can get the most out of the people who work for them and that those people get the most out of their lives." – David Litman, Training/Quality of Work Life Manager, I.T.S. Corporation

"Secrets to Success at Work offers a delightful yet instructive allegory suggesting what could be wrong, and what could be made right, in today's high-stress work environment The checklists included should be hung in every conference room."
– Vince Vaccarelli, Director, Xerox Business Research Group

Following are a sampling of testimonials from clients who used my Success Over Stress(SOS) system.

"Your presentation was well received and was the highlight of the morning.  It resulted in lively discussion long after you left.  It was obvious by the multiple comments from the audience that not only did they enjoy hearing about your methods to reduce stress, but it made the dozens of paramedics, firefighters and nurses in the audience feel tremendously good.  It was as though the stress was drained from their bodies. You received excellent ratings as a speaker, with the highest marks attainable.  As one might expect, much interest was generated by your presence, and the impeccable way you deal with stress and relaxation."
— A.C., Deputy Chief, Los Angeles Fire Dept.

"Thank you for doing an outstanding job of conducting the Success Over Stress workshop for our department heads. The feedback we have received clearly indicates that those who actively participated learned a great deal about how to relieve stress. Whenever a manager senses another manager in a stressful state, a relaxation technique is often suggested. It’s certainly welcomed to have each other as a support group. I appreciate your time and enthusiasm in making this a successful program for our managers. As an additional benefit, this seminar helped to bring the managers a bit closer together, thus improving our working relationships."
— C. C., Director of Personnel, Sheraton Grande Hotel

"Thank you for your fine presentation at our recent annual Partner/Manager Seminar. The presentation was very well received, especially on the East Coast. The East Coast ratings indicated that 85% of the attendees rated your course above average to excellent. I look forward to working with you in the near future."
— R.S., National Training Director, Kenneth Leventhal & Company (CPAs)

"The informational materials and handouts for the course were informative and stimulating. Dr. Gero himself has an easy and warm personality that is particularly
suited for this type of group process. He is able to handle the free give-and- take
of audience participation in a gentle non-threatening manner that is most conducive
to sharing experiences amongst the participants. In conclusion, I would judge the stress management program conducted for Blue Shield Hawaii were well received and an outstanding success. I would have no hesitation in giving him a high recommendation."
— Dr. J. W. Medical Director, Chairman Dept. of International Health University of Hawaii, Medical Director, Blue Shield of Hawaii

"Thank you for taking the time from your busy schedule to present your 'Inoculation to Stress' lecture and the stress exercises. Your presentation was well received. Comments in response to what they liked best about the program were: ‘relaxation practice’, ‘very informative’, ‘addresses our personal health’. Your lecture was timely, as many of our paramedics are working a good number of extra shifts due to the paramedic shortage. Their interest was evident on their faces." – D.L., Prehospital Care Coordinator, Cedars Sinai Medical Center

“Thank you for conducting our seminar on Success Over Stress. It was one of the best seminars our firm has put on internally within the past 5 years. It has been the topic of conversation ever since we held it. I think you have a lot to say on the stress subject, and know that I have benefited personally a great deal from you." – J.C., Singer, Lewak, Greenbawm & Goldstein (CPAs)

“I heartily say thank you for the fine program on "Executive Health" that you lead. The evening program was well received by our middle manager. We look forward ot working with you in the future and sincerely appreciate your professionalism." – D.W., Management Development Specialist, GM Hughes Electronics

“Thank you so much for what your presentation added to our recent Annual Convention & Trade Show! Short of being in our industry yourself you couldn’t have been more relevant to the attendees and their issues. Some of their comments were: ‘This is a great seminar for owners and managers of mobile home parks who have to deal with their own stress and the stress of their residents’ … ‘This seminar was very rewarding! Let’s have Jeff back again.’ Thanks again. You are a real professional!" – G.O., Director of Meetings, Western Mobile Home Association

“Thank you so much for your presentation on ‘Success Over Stress.'  I found it to be very enlightening and useful in coping with the day-to-day stress of living in Los Angeles. After going over the evaluations form the conference, I realize that I am not alone in my opinion! Many of the attendees rated your presentation as one of the most relevant topics. In addition, no participated rated your presentation as being least relevant. Of the nine speakers we had at the conference, only one other speaker shares that honor! "– C. G., President-Elect, L.A. Chapter - Assoc. of Government Accountants