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BOOK: "Secrets to Succes at Work: A Story About Transforming Individuals and Organizations"

"Secrets to Success at Work offers a delightful yet instructive allegory suggesting what could be wrong, and what could be made right, in today's high-stress work environment The checklists included should be hung in every conference room."
– Vince Vaccarelli, Director, Xerox Business Research Group

Secrets to Success at Work is inspiring, informative, and spiritually uplifting. In this marvelous book, Gero places the wisdom of the ages, distilled through his experience consulting with business and individuals, in the context of a young man's journey to fulfill his life's mission. His life's mission also includes helping others fulfill their life's mission. Gero has a solid spiritual training background. He has spent many years studying and practicing in the yoga tradition and other wisdom traditions. Gero practices these principles in his own life and has shared them with many others. Reading this book is a spiritual experience in itself.  It Teaches the higher level success principles in a way that encourages the reader to think about how they might be applied in life and work. It makes the principles memorable, which is what is needed to successfully apply them. Secrets to Success at Work is a classic story and true to the tradition that it represents. The book features the N.A.M.A.S.T.E. program for business applications. It also includes helpful lists and surveys that can be used to assess current work and lifestyle status and to make changes in work relationships, stress, and level of success. This is a book that can truly transform lives and organizations."

Eleanor Criswell Hanna, Ed.D., Professor of Psychology, Sonoma State University, California

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Price: $19.95 includes shipping
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1."Secrets to Success at Work: A Story About Transforming Individuals and
Organizations" Read by the Authors

Instead of the book you can buy the 3-CD set of the book.

Price: $28.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

Return to Wholeness CD

This is a guided visualization with Dr. Gero's calming voice that takes you into a deep meditative space while releasing negativity from the past. Just think how free you would feel without fear, anger and worry. Relaxing music and Hawaiian ocean waves makes it easy to relax.

Price: $16.98 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

Guided Relaxation: Using Systematic and Autogenic Relaxation CD

Dr. Gero's  soothing voice helps you release stress and deeply relax. Along with Hawaiian ocean waves and relaxing music you can expect a very relaxing  and peaceful journey and break from every day stress.

Price: $16.98 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

The Golf Zone CD

The Golf Zone CD is designed to help you improve the mental part of your golf game. This program will help you to relax, increase concentration and confidence, visualize your shots, think positive thoughts and have more control of your golf game. With practice and patience you will watch your score improve.

Price: $16.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373


Healing is intended for those individuals in need of positive visualizations and affirmations to enhance the body's natural healing ability. Dr. Gero and the relaxing music takes you on a extraordinary journey to waterfalls, grotto's and crystal temples.

Price: $16.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373


Meditation is for both new and seasoned meditators. Dr. Gero takes you through several meditiation techniques to develop focus and reduce stress. He shares his knowledge of meditation and directs you to a deeply peaceful space.

Price: $16.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

Ten Minute Guided Relaxation and Revitalization

The 10 minute R & R CD was developed to release stress and take you deep in a short time. It is used for taking short breaks, for focusing before starting new projects,and to bring groups and teams into harmony

Price: $16.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

10 Min R&R

Stress - Our Modern Dilemma

In this CD Dr. Gero goes into detail describing the effects of stress, coping strategies and how you can master our national nemesis.

Price: $16.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

10 Min R&R

Stress Level Indicator Card:

Stress Level Indicator

The Stress Level Indicator Card is fast and simple to use. Just place your thumb or finger over temperature sensor on card. Hold for 10-15 seconds and remove and see what color appears. Black or no color change means that you are tense. Red is nervous, Green is calm and Blue is relaxed.

Here's how it works:
When you relax the capelleries expand increasing blood flow through the fingers and temperature rises. The sensor on the card reacts and give you feedback to what your stress level is. These are great to demonstrate and show that stress affects the body and has a real measurable effect.  Cost $6.50 Includes Shipping

To order, please call 818.879.1373

Laser Stars Relaxation Projector:

Laser Stars Relaxation Projector- SOLD OUT

The Laser Stars Projector is created from powerful Green laser and holographic technology, a display this bright and clear has never been available before. Laser Stars is fully adjustable, requires no set up and will fill any room from the tiniest bedroom, to the largest warehouse, with a crystal clear animated star display.

Uses All New Green Laser and Holographic Technology
2 Built-In Precision Glass Lenses
Transforms the Largest or Smallest Rooms into Your Own Personal Animated Universe
Creates Thousands of Stars with or without Cloud Formations
Look for the Romantic Shooting Stars Across the Night Sky
NOT A TOY, This is an Experience
AC Adapter Included
Simple to Use, Just Plug It In

Price: $159.99 (Includes shipping and handling)
To order, please call 818.879.1373

Laser Star

Mood Card
Mood Card Back



Laser Star

Sky Shot



Namaste Hats- SOLD OUT

One Size Fits All!

Price: $22.95 includes shipping
To order, please call 818.879.1373

Upcoming Biofeedback Technology Product:

BioMouse™ from BioPeripherals, Inc.

The first wireless mouse equipped with biofeedback sensors - enabling you to monitor your stress level right on your computer, at home, at work, or on the road.

Recent studies have made the public more aware of the toll stress takes in their daily lives and devices that can help in stress management. While products incorporating biofeedback have made the move from the clinician’s office into the home for personal use, they remain dedicated devices, often with a cumbersome user interface.

The BioMouse is a truly unique stress management tool for. It combines a fully functional 2.4GHz wireless optical mouse with sensors that allow users to monitor their galvanic skin response (GSR) while they are performing other tasks on their computer. The BioMouse includes PC software for real-time charting and monitoring functions, as well as::

  • Background Monitoring
  • Stress Level Alert
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Multimedia Content
  • Games

The BioMouse can also be used in conjunction with other multimedia content, allowing the user to see their physiological response to that content in real time. Whether the goal is reduced stress, improved overall health, peak performance or higher productivity, wherever you use a mouse, you can use BioMouse.

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