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Meet Jeff Gero

Jeffrey Gero, Ph.D. is an accomplished, results-oriented management consultant, OD specialist, executive coach, trainer, workshop leader, and national speaker. Dr.Gero is a pioneer in the field of stress management and the creator of the Success Over Stress™ system.

For over 30 years, Dr. Gero has worked with many organizations dealing with a variety of stressors. For example, he delivered the first stress management program for the California Department of Corrections at San Quentin Prison; he assisted the Los Angeles Times with the stress surrounding the 1984 Olympics; he assisted Allied Signal with the stress surrounding a plant closing; and, he assisted paramedics in the California State Firefighters Association with job stress. Other clients of Dr. Gero include Amgen, General Motors, Sheraton Hotels, Hawaiian Telephone, Burger King, Dept.of the Army, Dole Foods, World Safety Organization, Liberty BankThe Heart Association, Hughes Aircraft and Blue Shield. In addition to working with organizations, Dr. Gero coaches athletes and individuals to enhance their performance and solve problems.
His training programs include: Success Over Stress where participants learn how to become masters of stress,  10 Steps To Preventing Burnout, 10 Ways To Master Stress, How To Break The Stress Cycle, Balancing Work and Home Life, Managing Change, Mastering The Mind With Meditation, Mastering the Mental Game of Golf, Staying Calm Under Pressure and Secretss to Success at Work. He incorporates mental fitness techniques in all his seminars.
Prior to entering the consulting field, Dr. Gero was a very successful Madison Avenue real estate executive. He has since been on staff at the University of Hawaii, Antioch University, Southern States University, The Institute of Business Management Entrepreneurship, The Union Graduate School, and the Hughes Institute for Professional Development. He is former director of the Health Awareness Institute and the Stress Management Institute of California.
Dr. Gero co-wrote and co-produced a relaxation and stress management video hosted by Dennis Weaver, has produced several stress management and peak-performance audiotapes, and has authored a manual for individuals to implement his Success Over Stress system. He has appeared on many TV and radio programs, has co-written two screenplays, and has recently completed writing a book entitled "Secretss to Success at Work."  In 1998 Jeff was granted a United States patent for a computer biofeedback mouse that helps reduce stress while enhancing productivity.

Dr. Gero has served on the board of the American Society of Training and Development, and continues to serve on the board of other non-profit education organizations. At age 45, he began competing in sprint triathlons. He makes time to meditate and exercise almost every day. He also enjoys playing golf, hiking, and having a good laugh!