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"When you focus on a thought, you become that vibration. That is why it is so important to think positive thoughts." Jeff Gero

Jeffrey Gero, Ph.D. is an accomplished, results-oriented management consultant, OD specialist, executive coach, trainer, workshop leader, and national speaker. Dr.Gero is a pioneer in the field of stress management and the creator of the Success Over Stress™ system.

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Congratulations on presenting a very useful and interesting workshop today on Success Over Stress. Our managers received a great benefit from your presentation. I will be recommending to senior management that you provide further workshops at LifeCare, including a presentation to our executive team at our Strategic Planning Conference.
Thanks for doing such a great job!
Jay Sherman
Vice President, Human Resources
LifeCare Assurance Company

Jeffrey Gero, Ph.D., is an accomplished, results-oriented workshop leader on the following topics:

Building a Better Team
Secrets of Peak Performers
One-on-One Coaching
Managing Change
Motivating Yourself and Others
Success Over Stress™
Organizational Development
Mental Fitness Training
Transformational Leadership
Balancing Work and Home Life

Overcoming the Obstacles to Success
Mastering the Mental Game of Golf
Spirituality at the Workplace
Mastering the Mind With Meditation
Making Relationships Work
Staying Calm Under Pressure
Preventing Burnout
Emotional Intelligence

Jeff Gero Informative Videos
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"10 Steps to Mastering Stress"
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Relaxation Exercise
by Jeff Gero, Ph.D.